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Art Classes

Realistic: LandscapingStill Life: MonochromaticStill Life: Color

Abstract: LandscapingStill Life: Black & White  • Still Life: Color

The Elements of Art • The Principles of Design • Drawing

Videos:  How to Paint an Abstract Tree

Realistic Landscaping

Original Photograph by Megan Bumback Hulson 2007                                        Oil painting by Dona J. Hulson Cappello 21″ X 34″ 2010


Realistic Still Life: Monochromatic


Realistic Still Life: Color

Thinking Outside of the Box Painting:



Sponge art tree tutorials

Abstract Tree:



Abstract Still Life: Black & White 

Medium:  Oil Paint Size  16" x 20" Canvas Board

Still Life Grayscale: #1 Tone

Medium:  Oil paint Size:  16' x 20" Canvas Board

Still Life Grayscale: #2 Tint


Abstract Still Life: Color

Still Life Color Study #1:  Color Opposites

    Color Still Life: Hue


Teaching Concepts:

Primary, Secondary and Neutral Colors

Color Wheel: Shade


Color Wheel: Tint

Warm Colors

Concept Series:  Cool Colors

Cool Colors







This was an example of abstract faces I painted for the students after the Pop artist Thomas Fedro.


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