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Dona Hulson-Cappello


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My artwork is an expression of the inner connection experienced when I see light. It is a deep spiritual connection. I love using different mediums to express light.  In my paintings, I enjoy creating shadows and shades of darkness to reveal how light defines the darkness and how the darkness reveals light and color.  Light and color can not be defined in this world without darkness. 

All of my works fall into three categories: land, sea or heaven scapes. I use poetry and the reflections of life’s adventures to bring forth light reflections in the paintings, home decor designs, sculpture designs and landscape garden designs created to see and enjoy light in new ways. I am currently working on new scapes of color light design; sculptures and unique sea shell scape paintings   I am also going to be using my photography for some new projects soon.  

Dona J. H. Cappello                


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